Italy and Portugal. Within the European Union, two different approaches to the violation of womens rights: the case of stalking and domestic violence

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Cecco, Valentina
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The thesis aims at highlighting the reasons behind the positive obligation of the Italian State to protect the women's human rights by enacting a law on domestic violence. In order to prove this, the case of stalking stemming from domestic violence is taken into consideration, underlining as the stalking law, the only comprehensive one available in Italy to protect women from violence, is not sufficient to reach this objective. To show the need for a thorough law for women to successfully enjoy their human rights, a comparison with the current Portuguese legislation on domestic violence is offered, drawing attention to how a successful implementation of laws on domestic violence in the country has led to an at least slightly improve of the situation in the country. Hence, a proposal to Italy to follow the Portuguese's path is made.
Second semester University: University of Coimbra.
domestic violence, Italy, Portugal, violence against women