Juvenile detainees education : a question not only of law but also of curriculum

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Sakka, Anthi
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It is estimated that more than a million children worldwide are deprived of their liberty for different reasons and in different ways and contexts. However, passing through the prison gate does not mean that children lose their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights that are associated with the deprivation of liberty. This study, which focuses on the context of juvenile justice, aims to shed light on children’s rights to education concerning those in pre-trial detention or serving a sentence in prison, as derived from international human rights instruments and standards. It also investigates the compliance of Greek and Cypriot prison education practices with the international human rights requirements through national laws and the implemented curricula. The study concludes with recommendations to the Greek state for drafting an adaptable and acceptable curriculum especially designed for primary prison schools. The recommendations are based on the findings of the qualitative study that was conducted in the primary school of the Special Juvenile Detention Establishment of Avlonas. Visit was also conducted in the general prison school of Nicosia Central Prisons.
Second semester University: University of Vienna
juvenile detention, Cyprus, Greece, right to education