Why do Chinese women refrain from suing their violent husbands? : an examination of the relationship between human rights and domestic violence in contemporary China

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Xu, Cai
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This thesis entitled ‘Why does Chinese Women Refrain from Suing their Violent Husbands’: An Examination of the Relationship between Human Rights and Domestic Violence in Contemporary China’ is an exploration of the relationship between domestic violence and human rights in contemporary China. No one can deny the fact that nowadays there still have lots of women suffer domestic violence in China. Further, with the social economy developing, the trend of domestic violence has slow risen year by year. Despite domestic violence is examined as a type of violence happening among family members, there are a large number of people argued that this kind of violence behavior not potentially seriously damages the victims’ health and violates their lawful rights, but it can also lead to psychological problems. Even though the judicial department of the People’s Republic of China has already established several laws aimed at protecting victims of domestic violence, such as administrative law, civil law, criminal law, many victims are still unwilling to sue their husband. So, in order to even better protect the victims’ rights and interests, it is necessary to use different aspects to analyze why do women refrain from suing their husbands even if they suffer domestic violence in their family?
Second semester University: University of Copenhagen.
domestic violence, China, violence against women