The implementation of a gender and human rights-based approach into the governance of climate change

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Santin, Federica
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Climate change is a global problem that poses a growing threat to human rights. While international organisations such as the United Nations advocate for frameworks that prioritise the respect and protection of human rights, the actual implementation of these frameworks remains uncertain. This research endeavours to bridge this gap by integrating a human rights approach alongside a gender approach. By doing so, it aims to emphasise the unequal distribution of climate change impacts and highlight the unique role that women can play as agents of change. Through a comprehensive analysis of international frameworks and legal cases, particularly examining the regional context of the European Court of Human Rights, the thesis ultimately concludes that adopting a human rights and gender-based approach is crucial for ensuring an effective response to the multifaceted challenges presented by climate change.
Second semester University: Uppsala University
climatic changes, human rights-based approach, gender, women, participation, European Court of Human Rights