Human rights: a new frame for UK public engagement in global poverty : a critical analysis of Oxfam GB and Comic Relief’s engagement with human rights

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Griffith, Alisa
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This thesis considers individual responsibility for the promotion of human rights and the potential of citizens to effect change within the global structures that cause poverty to persist. In reaction to the limited understanding of human rights and the low levels of engagement in global poverty among the UK public, critical analysis of Oxfam and Comic Relief’s engagement with human rights was undertaken in order to ascertain what information is currently available to the UK public. The findings revealed divergent approaches, and subsequent consideration of values and frames theory found Oxfam’s approach encouraged engagement with global poverty, whilst Comic Relief’s approach encouraged values not congruent for public re-engagement in global poverty. Consequently the potential of human rights as a frame to increase UK public engagement with global poverty was proposed. This thesis further highlights the need for a cohesive approach across the third sector in order to create a shift in frames, which will allow for greater future engagement of the UK public in global poverty.
Second semester University: University of Vienna.
poverty, public opinion, Great Britain