The right to work for Syrian refugee in Jordan: a durable solution? : would providing the right to work for refugees in protracted situation be a development opportunity?

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Salavert, Lise
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This master thesis is trying to seek durable solution for refugees through the necessity to apply Chapter 3 of the 1951 Convention related to the status of refugee: the right to work. I argue that the provision of the right to work could be the durable solution that the hosting countries and the International Community have been looking for. To support this argument, the case of Jordan is being studied and analyzed within this master thesis, as one of the best example to support new policies for durable solutions. However, I will demonstrate that to ensure the efficiency of the new policy through the so-called Jordan Compact, a revision of this agreement will need to be done to ensure that this policy will reach its overall goal: being providing self-sufficiency to refugees being in protracted displacement.
Second semester University: University College Dublin - National University of Ireland, Dublin
right to work, refugees, Syria, Jordan