Overcoming heteronormativity in transitional justice : a queer perspective on the Colombian truth commission

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Paituví Sánchez, Gerard
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The main focus of this thesis is the capacity of truth commissions to respond to LGBTI victims’ experiences and claims. These appear to be underrepresented in truth commissions, and consequently, in transitional justice. This thesis analyses the Colombian truth commission, which emerged from the Peace Agreement signed in 2016, and which is the first in history to mention LGBTI people in its mandate. Drawing from previous truth commissions which included at some level LGBTI victims, the thesis wonders how a queer perspective could benefit the Colombian truth commission to give a better representation and inclusion for LGBTI victims. In order to do so, it analyses the legal and social perception toward LGBTI people in Colombia to understand the prejudices that motivate this violence. It details briefly the types of violence directed against LGBTI people and how intersectionality helps us understand it better. The thesis concludes by detailing how the Colombian truth commission could implement a queer perspective and how this would impact LGBTI victims of the armed conflict.
Second semester University: Utrecht University
transitional justice, truth commission, Colombia, LGBTI rights, victims