The use of indicators for promoting and monitoring the implementation of economic social and cultural rights : towards the construction of Human Rights Indicators in the area of economic, social and cultural rights : an analysis of the reporting system under Article 19 of the Protocol of San Salvador

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Méndez Jaramillo, Ana Maria
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The use of qualitative and quantitative indicators has become an increasingly used tool in the human rights community at the international, regional and national level. Nevertheless, the term “indicator” has been used indistinctly to refer to, for instance, the assessment of human development issues, the different data-generating mechanisms, as well as the existing instruments used to analyse realisation of human rights. In light of this, the construction of an adequate conceptual framework to identify specific indicators with a human rights-based approach has becomes a necessity, especially for measuring efforts of States when implementing its human rights obligations. Acknowledging the existence of a gap between the formal adjudication of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and their uneven levels of enjoyment, this thesis suggests the construction of an appropriate concept of Human Rights Indicators, as a mechanism for strengthening their implementation. The analysis will be based on two measurement models: the model proposed by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in 2012, to be applied in the universal system of human rights; and the one approved by the Organisation of American States in 2012, and afterwards in 2014, to be applied in the Inter-American system of human rights, with regards to the periodic reports on the progressive measures taken by States to ensure the rights contained in the Protocol of San Salvador.
Second semester University: Maastricht University.
American Convention on Human Rights. Protocol of San Salvador. Art. 19, human rights monitoring