It takes more than condoms: the rights-based approach to prevention of HIV/AIDS in female sex workers in Thailand and Colombia

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Navia Henao, Ximena
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AIDS has become a human rights and a social problem that thrives on inequalities and deepens the vulnerability of certain population groups. In countries like Thailand and Colombia, female sex workers are at the heart of the epidemic. Cumulative factors of vulnerability such as risky sexual healthy behaviours, stigmatisation, criminalisation and poverty makes them at risk of HIV/AIDS. Taking into account the role of the State as the primary duty bearer under international law, this paper explores the inherent right of sex workers to have access to HIV prevention services and evaluates the initiatives taken by Thailand and Colombia to respond to their legal obligations. Considering both the positive steps and the gaps in HIV prevention programmes in the two countries, this paper will demonstrate the added value of human rights-based strategies to HIV prevention in female sex workers.
Second semester University: Utrecht University.
prostitution, Colombia, Thailand, AIDS