European Union and external migration management in Turkey and Serbia: the case for human rights

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Barros, Madalena : Gonçalves de
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Regarding the current increase of the migration flows in the 21st century, different impacts have developed various actions in the multiple stakeholders. In fact, migrants faced many challenges on their migratory routes from the origin, over the transit and until the host countries. Therefore, the present thesis will focus its analysis on the capacity of the EU to ensure the protection of the human rights of the migrants. Considering the lack of protection of the migrants in the context of the migratory flows in Europe, the present research aims to explore how to better align the EU external migration management with the protection of the human rights of the migrants in third countries, concretely considering the specificities of the Turkish and Serbian cases.
Second semester University: University of Ljubljana
European Union, migrations, Turkey, Serbia, human rights, foreign relations