Lost and found: protection and responsibility for unaccompained asylum-seeking children in Ireland

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Ni Bhroin, Saorlaith
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My thesis focuses on the plight of the asylum seeking unaccompanied minor. With no comprehensive legislative protection, we are forced to draw from other less applicable legislative frameworks. This protection is far from adequate. I have taken a close look at the Irish case, focusing on ASUM trafficking to and from the island. With the passing of time, societies, morals, perceptions, priorities and concepts inevitably evolve. However some things are simply so fundamental to the very essence of our being, that they remain staunchly stagnant. The vulnerability of the child is one such issue. However, in an increasingly selfish, profit-orientated world, our prime responsibilities are sometimes neglected or ignored. Some take advantage of the weak and defenceless. In times such as these, it is the collective responsibility of us, the people, the society to demand that our elected government shield the vulnerable, regardless of subsequent external factors. Who could imagine a more problematic situation, young, afraid and plunged into a new society, culture and environment? Criticised, questioned, suspected, and doubted for telling the truth. Treated like an inferior race and class. Embarrassed, belittled, minimised and overlooked. Considered a threat to national security and a waste of financial resources. The children for whom, nobody wants to take responsibility. Deprived for a childhood and forced to think and act like an adult. The perfect storm….
Second semester University: Université de Strasbourg.
asylum, Ireland, asylum seekers, children, sexual exploitation, trafficking in young people