Police treatment of migrants and the challenge of training on human rights and multicultural policing. The case of Greece and Cyprus

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Nikomani, Alexia
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This research is examining whether or not and to which extent, Greek and Cypriot police forces get a proper and adequate training on human rights and multicultural policing. The first part of the research outlines the legal framework and the dominant perceptions concerning migrants in Greece and Cyprus. The second part is considering recorded cases of police misconduct against migrants and shortcomings in recording and addressing the racist crime and human trafficking, while also touching upon the issue of accountability and impunity. The third part is a comparative research on the systems of training on human rights and multicultural policing of the Greek and Cypriot police forces, followed by a presentation of the principles and standards on training on human rights and multicultural policing. According to the findings, the police reflect the prejudiced and xenophobic perceptions of their respective societies and they are often abusing the rights of migrants. Human rights and multicultural policing are not included in the curricula of the Greek Police Academy, whereas the Cypriot Police Academy is undergoing constant improvements on this context. The need for reform is essential, including the importance of committing in promoting human rights and building bridges of trust with migrant communities.
Second semester University: University of Cyprus.
human rights education, migrants, Cyprus, Greece, multiculturalism, police, police training