Media freedom in Israel and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories : a legal framework

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Maroni, Ilaria
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Established in 2006, the Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) is engaged in defending the rights of journalists and protecting freedom of expression in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). As a result of a two-month internship, this report will first describe the conferences that MADA joined and offer some criticism on the work and impact of most NGOs in Palestine. The second part will provide with the relevant legal framework for freedom of expression in Israel and in the OPT. After presenting the findings of Freedom House and Reporters Sans Frontiers, the report will examine the set of national and international obligations that are binding on the Israeli government and Occupation Forces and on the Palestinian Authority. MADA’s monitoring activity shows that abuses against journalists have increased significantly in the past year, despite the signing of international human rights treaties by Palestinian President Abbas. Violations perpetrated by the Israeli Forces have also expanded since the start of a new wave of struggle in the OPT in October 2015. The report will finally take into consideration a few case studies that prove how media outlets are often perceived as a threat and restrained both by Israel and the PA.
Second semester University: Birzeit University, Palestine
Internship report: Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms - MADA
media, freedom of expression, Israel, Palestine