The influence of extractive companies on police action in socio-environmental conflicts in Peru: analysis and legal contributions from the cases of Xstrata and Yanacocha companies in the period 2011-2012

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Ccotarma Ttito, Sally Sumico
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Global Campus of Human Rights
This research analyses the influence that extractive companies have on police intervention through extraordinary services in socioenvironmental conflicts, in the Peruvian regions of Cusco and Cajamarca between 2011-2012. In this context, we developed a legal analysis of regulations in connection with this activity, the subscribed agreements signed by the State and by the companies, and other judicial and police documents, were identified as evidence which might allow or suppose the existence of unconstitutionality, the degree of influence exercised by these companies, possible human rights infringements, the responsibility of companies and the rationale for such a police-based approach. Keywords: Police intervention, extractive companies, socio-environmental conflicts
LATMA - Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in Latin America and the Caribbean, University of San Martin (Buenos Aires)
Global Campus - Latin America-Caribbean
Second semester University: University of Buenos Aires
Peru, police, social conflict, environment, natural resources, corporations