Different battle, same fight : empowering women in crisis situations

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Papadopoulou, Maria N.
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Women's rights and gender equality, while acknowledged as critical components of human rights, face substantial challenges in crisis situations, such as economic downturns, pandemics, and climate change events. This paper explores the impact of these crises on the achievement of women’s rights and the pursuit of gender equality. It examines the efficacy of extant legal mechanisms, policies, and practices with regard to guarding women’s rights during these periods highlighting the roles of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) as well as other global regional efforts. The paper further provides recommendations for improving laws, policies, practices and future research to better safeguard women's rights and gender equality in crisis situations. Reiterating the urgency and importance of this issue, coupled with successive urging of collective multifaceted eradication approaches. Keywords: Women's Rights, Gender Equality, Crisis Situations, Legal Mechanisms, Policies, Practices, Recommendations, Research.
Second semester University: Université de Montpellier
women rights, equality, crisis management, Convention on the Elimination of all Form of Discrimination against Women, CEDAW