What is so scary about gender equality education in France? : analysing a French education program to promote equality and its consequences

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Zaldívar Sereno, Inés
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This thesis analyse a French education program, which aims to further equality between girls and boys, to fight against sexist stereotypes and to promote at school critical thought concerning gender issues. The program started to be implemented as a pilot project in 2013 and it faced protests against it. Some conservative groups of people opposed it and tried to boycott it. Nonetheless, the program continues. I asses why the program is necessary, from an International Human Rights and a sociological and interdisciplinary point of view, as I explain, among other things, why sexist stereotypes are negative and reinforce inequality. In addition, I analyse what are the reasons behind the protests. I found that some of the people might not have enough information about the program; there was a communication problem from part of the Government. However, there are also very conservative views were present in France. Those views could be influenced by religion in some cases, but this does not constitute the entire explanation.
Second semester University: Lund University.
education, equality, France, gender discrimination