From financing of electoral campaign to corrupted democracy: implications for human rights

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Torres, Eliane do Rego
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Money plays an important role in every institution of our society. As a political mean, its influence can lead to corruption and undemocratic practices. The way funds are gathered in electoral campaign finance does not constitute any exception. Irregular electoral campaign finance regulations seriously affect and undermine the most fundamental values of democracy, namely due to the link between political parties, elections and democracy. This also generates implications to human rights. Therefore, steps need to be undertaken to suppress those negatives outcomes, such as strengthening courts, parliaments, electoral commissions and transparent party financing. The establishment of proper regulations is essential along with efficient monitoring and enforcement mechanisms. This study has revealed significant discrepancies among European member states. Although EU member states share the same principles and values, they do not apply them the same way. Some having comprehensive legislation and apply strict rules, while others do not . Empirical evidence indicates a need for a more efficient monitoring mechanism Europe wide. The combination of media attention, aware civil society and knowledgeable active NGOs seems the most accurate way to pressure improvements on human rights implications caused by irregular electoral campaign finance.
Second semester University: Aristotle Constantinides
European Union countries, elections, electoral system, political corruption, campaign funds