The right to education of indigenous peoples: the case of Cameroon

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Kalaji, Anna Kamani
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Education is very essential for human development and for the realization of other human rights. The indigenous peoples in Cameroon have suffered discrimination and have been marginalization in many areas. This research assesses the availability, accessibility, adaptability and acceptability of education of the indigenous peoples in Cameroon and exposes various lapses therein. The Cameroon government has certain obligations under the various ratified treaties but has failed woefully to satisfy entirely its obligations. Notwithstanding, no court proceeding has been brought against the government of Cameroon. The existence of weak judicial and quasi-judicial institutions is one of the main reasons for zero judicial enforceability of the right to education in Cameroon. However, at the international level, the indigenous peoples push Cameroon to honour its obligations under the Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights by submitting shadow or alternative reports to the United Nations’ Committees and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights
Second semester University: Utrecht University.
discrimination in education, human rights, Cameroon, indigenous peoples