Escape from the ICC : a tale of distrust, abuses and uncertainty for victims

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Gibert, Antoine
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The International Criminal Court has been the recipient of strong accusations of bias against Africa for years, but today those attacks are finally leading to actual withdrawal for the first time and the human rights consequences of such initiatives are rather unforeseeable. As the future of international criminal justice seems uncertain, it is crucial to understand this phenomenon in order to adress the roots of the problem and work towards a better relationship between the Court and its leery members. An analysis of the probability of a massive departure from the ICC is required to deduce an adequate response to this issue, whether reforms should be prioritized or preparation to replace the Court on the African continent should be quickly initiated. The prime aim of this research will thus be to assess the survivability of the ICC in Africa and the capacity of the continent to ensure justice and accountability in its absence.
Second semester University: Panteion University, Athens
International Criminal Court, criminal justice, Africa