Examining racism as a structural and social phenomenon: the case study of Brazil : an inquiry on addressing historical and systematic racial inequality through the implementation of UN treaty-based mechanisms

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Melo, Lucas Atanasio : de Morais
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This thesis examines race as a social construct influenced by historical events shaped by political and economic factors. It investigates how racism, stemming from this construct, permeates society at institutional and individual levels. The study focuses on Brazil as a case study, deeply affected by historical events like colonialism and slavery, which continue to shape its social fabric. The primary objective is to analyze the United Nations' approach to racism and assess the effectiveness of its international mechanisms in addressing deep-rooted structural racism. By examining the practical application of these mechanisms, the research evaluates their adequacy and alignment with the ongoing discourse on racism as a complex and entrenched issue. Through critical evaluation of international mechanisms, the study highlights the need for comprehensive strategies that address the core aspects of racism. It seeks to determine if these mechanisms adequately encompass the underlying issues and contribute to meaningful solutions or if further advancements are necessary. The findings contribute to a broader understanding of international efforts to combat racism and promote transformative change in societies grappling with racial inequalities. They inform discussions on refining approaches and developing more effective models to address the fundamental roots of racism and foster equality. Keywords: race, racism, social construct, structural racism, international mechanisms, United Nations, Brazil, historical events
Second semester University: Panteion University, Athens
racism, Brazil, United Nations, international instruments, social aspects, history, society