Is the right to development compatible with the World Trade Organisation?

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Nerantzis, Lorenzo
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There are few subjects in international law debated as much as the right to development (RTD). Known by many but recognized by few, the RTD is still seeking its position in the international fora. In the same time, UN development agencies and non-governmental organisations have started to acknowledge human rights and development as two close related issues. Moreover, World Trade Organisation (WTO), the institution that governs international trade, is accused of democratic deficit, power asymmetries and marginalization of the weaker players of the international system. This paper examines the relationship between the RTD and WTO. The first part presents the RTD as a human right and the main RTD’s principles. The second part presents the WTO as an organization focusing on developing countries participation, and demonstrates the effect of free trade rules, under WTO, on development and human rights. Finally, the last part seeks to give an answer to the question: “Is the RTD compatible with WTO?”
Second semester University: Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest; Central European University, Budapest
development, human rights, World Trade Organization