The relationship of the World Court of Human Rights with the United Nations human rights monitoring bodies

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Eijndhoven, Anne : van
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This thesis deals with the World Court of Human Rights and its relationship with the United Nations human rights bodies. Based on the Draft Statute by Kozma, Nowak and Scheinin, this thesis analyses how the World Court would relate to the United Nations treaty bodies, Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Through the use of the practical experience of these different bodies, as well as comparative research, this thesis establishes which bodies should exercise which functions, and to some extent how this could best be achieved. The aim of this thesis is to give recommendations to the drafters of the Statute for the World Court of Human Rights in the specific topic presented. These recommendations are: to include an inter-state complaints procedure in the Statute; to require States Parties to actively withdraw from the complaints procedures under the treaty bodies; to draft new Optional Protocols to CEDAW and the CRPD, or to amend the existing ones; to establish regular session of the Human Rights Council to supervise execution of judgments; and to establish an execution division with the OHCHR.
Second semester University: University of Vienna.
human rights, international law, United Nations. High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations. Human Rights Council