The Taliban and the right to education in Afghanistan : assessing the implications of the takeover by the Taliban in 2021 on the right to education

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Haidary, Najiba
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In general, the right to education is counted as a fundamental right for everyone and mainly for children. Based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 “the full development of the human personality and the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms “is the goal of the right to education. this right is not only important as an individual but as a group in order to ensure the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedom. This thesis will talk about the policy implications of the right to education under the de facto government of the Taliban, which came to power on August 15, 2021. Although the age of the de facto government is short, and yet, the government is still not recognized as an independent state by the international community to expect them to consider of full realization of the right to education, the thesis will aim to assess if the last two decades achievements on primary and secondary education are protected, supported, and further built upon them by the de facto authorities of Taliban. In total three main chapters, I will assess the right to education in international law, the realization of the right to education by former governments during 2001-2021 for primary and secondary education, and the de facto authorities’ current policy and priorities on protecting the made achievements on the right to education. On the ongoing situation of the de facto government, the thesis will consider the period from August 2021- July 2022.
Second semester University: University of Graz.
right to education, Afghanistan, Taliban