Freedom from fear in a transforming conflict : a case study of the security situation for the civil population in Chechnya

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Eklund-Lindwall, Ida
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While there are currently indications of positive developments in Chechnya, such as the impressive rebuilding of the capital Grozny, institutionbuilding and a decline in the number of reported disappearences, there are also alarming reports coming from NGOs and IGOs concerning the republic. A system of torture, illegal detentions and forced confessions describes a climate of fear and a situation that is far from peace building. This study establishes the stage of the conflict through a conflict analysis. Thereafter it explores the discrepancy between the two parallel theoretical conflict stages and the current situation in Chechnya through the concept of freedom from fear. Due to spoilers to the process, the transformation is halted. The institutions that are supposed to protect the civil population are, contrary to their purpose, preventing freedom from fear to prevail. Instead of moving towards stable peace, the conflict is at risk of spiraling back into conflict escalation due to the lack of a functioning security structure and the nonimplementation of rule of law. This shows the interconnectedness of the implementation of human rights and rule of law, and a successful transformation of a conflict towards stable peace.
Second semester University: University of Hamburg
Chechnya war, conflict, fear, human rights violations