Climate-induced migration: a threat to peace and security? A regional analysis of the West African Sahel

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Singer, Lino
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Climate change stipulates a well-known global phenomenon. Global warming has already resulted in dramatic consequences in various parts of our planet, ranging from natural disasters to forced migrations. Countries that are most adversely affected by the climate change are mostly countries already undergoing crises like poverty, resource scarcity or political instability. Media coverage conveys an image of a mass climate-induced migration that leads to the outbreak of multiple armed conflicts. This thesis investigates the influences of climate-induced migration on peace and security in the West African Sahel, one of the most instable political regions, which is simultaneously most vulnerable to climate change implications. The research followed an interdisciplinary cross-literature review approach. However, the conclusion of the research does not prove a causal correlation between climate-induced migration and peace and security in the West African Sahel. The work makes a suggestion to the international community to continue with their efforts in supporting the region to establish a sustaining peace and extend the fight against increasing climate change to mitigate its effects on the livelihoods of local communities in the West African Sahel. Keywords: Climate Change, Climate Migration, Climate-Induced Migration, Peace, Security, Migration, Refugee, International Law, International Human Rights Law, Human Rights
Second semester University:  University of Seville
climatic changes, forced migration, Africa, peace, security, environment, refugees