Public space as a social conflict : regional and international approach of the Argentine case

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Dominguez, Cristiana Maria
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Argentina leads the ranking of its region, occupying the first position in terms of citizen participation in social protests. Accordingly, public space proves to be a daily point of conflict. On the one side, stand those who exercise the rights to freedom of expression, to freedom of assembly and to petition the authorities; in short, the right to protest. On the other side, stand those whose freedom is affected as their circulation is obstructed by the blocking of roads, bridges, avenues and accesses. Beginning with a historical-quantitive analysis, this investigation will continue with a reflection of the related regulations, the academic reception and the case law activity at a national scale. On a different level of analysis, it will portray a regional, European and universal approach on the subject. The issue of the protests is approached from both its peaceful and violent aspects, from the point of view of tolerance and illegality, without ever losing sight of the role of the State. This investigation is an attempt to reconcile international concepts and standards in order to reach a fair balance of interests.
Second semester University: Universite de Strasbourg.
Inter-American System of Human Rights, protest, Argentina, Europe, Peru, United States of America, social participation