International legal protection of the right to education for refugees and asylum-seekers : developments and challenges

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González Fernández, Julia
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Purpose – The highest refugees and asylum-seekers crisis was reached in 2015. Their right to education constitutes a relevant tool to lift their lives. The present work examines the state of development of this right and specifically the most recent developments which are taking place as significant number of refugees do not benefit from this right as they do not access or they are at risk to abandon or fail in school. Research question – This work is related to how the state of development of the right of refugees to education can fully ensure the enjoyment of this right to all refugees and asylum-seekers. Main findings – States recognized and are highly committed to ensure the right to education to all refugees and asylum-seekers. Significant advancements of the framework continue to advance the enjoyment of this refugees’ right. The major difficulties do not lie in the development of the law, but in the implementation. More efforts are needed between many actors beyond primary education to ensure secondary education and vocational training. There are many challenges ahead (cultures, languages, bureaucracy, etc.). But, countries seem to be highly polarized on the issue and sometimes spread very different messages as well as policy solutions.
Second semester University: KU Leuven
right to education, refugees, asylum seekers, human rights, international law