Newborn intersex children and their right to self determination in cosmetic medical interventions

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Cheneffusse Ascenzo, Talia
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Intersexuality is a topic that has been considered taboo for a long time in society due ambiguity of sex does not ‘fit’ within the binary gender system. Over the years, medical professionals have considered appropriate to practice medical cosmetic surgery to ‘correct’ ambiguity of sex. Recently, it can be noted that studies have shown that many times these operations bring irreversible physical and psychological consequences on the intersex person, thus violating their fundamental rights. This thesis seeks to create awareness about intersexuality, bringing to light the history behind cosmetic medical interventions. This thesis uncovers what has been going on through the years where there was no greater knowledge on the subject. In this sense, the author will explore the issue with an ethical and legal approach. Finally, we believe it is necessary for the countries to be informed about this issue, therefore revising their legislation by implementing laws that prevent the practice of these medical cosmetic interventions. Finally, the author will conclude with a series of recommendations for parents and responsible medical professionals, focused on the intersex newborn well-being.
Second semester University: Panteion University, Athens
intersexuality, gender identity, genital surgeries