Improving women participation in the Lebanese political system: patriarchal culture vs women quota. If we agree that patriarchal culture is one main factor of discrimination, is the women quota political system to reduce its effect?

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Ferrari, Sabrina
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The patriarchal and androcentric system in Lebanon is one of the main root-causes for women backward situation and inequalities. Lebanon is currently discussing in the parliament the drafting of a long due electoral law. Giving the opportunity to women movements took to claim the addition of the Women quota system in the new electoral bill. If this quota is implemented, would reduce the effect of the patriarchal culture and it is features in the country? Paving the way to address other women rights for reaching equality. Based on our theoretical frame-work taking some notions developed by De Beauvoir, Suad among others, we will back up the finding of our field research carried out with national and international actors. In parallel a description and analysis of the Lebanese legalframework in relation of the implementation of the CEDAW convention and the Declaration of Beijing along with countries reservations will be done. Likewise, we will expose the different aspects of the Quota System, mechanism of implementation, critics and positions in favour and against. Finally, we will express the role women should undertake and embrace in the public sphere, taking responsibilities for their transcendental destiny to achieve equality and freedom.
Second semester University: Saint Joseph University, Beirut.
women, political participation, Lebanon, patriarchy, gender discrimination, Convention on the Elimination of all Form of Discrimination against Women, CEDAW, electoral system