The right to rehabilitation : the implementation within a transitional justice process

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Natsheh, Reem
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This report examined the right to rehabilitation, and its implementation within a transitional justice process. The report looked into Tunisia as a case study, in which it examined the enacted laws and their coincidence with international treaties and conventions. The report looked into the practical implementation of the right to rehabilitation through studying and analyzing the work of the Tunisian institute for rehabilitation-Nebras, the first and only rehabilitation center in Tunisia. Through the development of the report, many challenges emerged facing the implementation of the right to rehabilitation; some are international, such as the lack of a clear definition of rehabilitation. Other challenges, on the national level, are the most problematic ones as the level of implementation in this report was on a national level, as shown by this report most of these challenges were created due to the lack of the government responsibilities towards its obligations, for example in terms of enacting laws and providing different types of support, such as financial support and other means of practices. To sum up, the report emphasized on the importance of the right to rehabilitation and its implementation, moreover it concluded to a number of recommendations that emerged as a solution for the challenges.
Second semester University: University of Carthage.
Internship report: Tunisian institute for rehabilitation - Nebras
rehabilitation, torture, victims, transitional justice, Tunisia