Different effects on different people: advancing gender protection and equality in disaster displacement and disaster management in the Caribbean

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Montagnin, Sara
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Natural disasters and climate change are continuously threatening the life and livelihoods of millions of people worldwide, and especially in the Caribbean. While a small number of communities have proven to be resilient to such events, the majority are forced to relocate, becoming internally displaced persons. Within this context, women experience the impacts of disasters in unique ways, as they often face additional vulnerabilities that make them highly susceptible to such events. These vulnerabilities include widespread inequalities, gender-based violence and culture of masculinity. Therefore, there is the need to protect and enhance women’s rights during disasters and displacements through the development and adoption of specific laws and policies. This thesis aims at analyzing the current disaster displacement in the Caribbean SIDS, and the vulnerabilities and impacts of women in such situations. Within this context, the national legal frameworks of two selected Caribbean SIDS, namely Haiti and the Dominican Republic, will be analyzed in order to understand whether and to what extent they mainstream gender. The research concludes that women are partially included in national policies and laws, but their vulnerabilities and rights are not sufficiently addressed. Therefore, the thesis provides a set of recommendations to overcome the main issues found. Key Words: Natural Disasters, DRR, Gender Mainstreaming, Caribbean, SIDS, Internal Displacement, Haiti, Dominican Republic.
Second semester University: Ruhr-University Bochum
natural disaster, climatic changes, internally displaced persons, Caribbean area, gender discrimination, women, Dominican Republic, Haiti