Intersectionality and inequality: a comparative analysis of laws and policies impacting the access to mental health care for individuals affected by gender-based violence in human trafficking

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Frauenberg, Liz
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This thesis adopts an intersectional lens to explore the disparities between European legal provisions and the actual access to mental health services for victims of gender-based violence in human trafficking. While policies on national and international levels articulate a responsibility to address the needs of individuals being victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking, this research tries to shed light on the complex practical realities and the barriers that are challenging the actual implementation of these legal provisions, policies, and strategies. Through a comprehensive review of national and European legal frameworks and policies, academic literature, and a case study as well as primary research, this thesis aims to analyse the practical realities on the ground. Through these methods, this thesis aims to find answers to questions that include the influence of intersecting identities of individuals on their experiences of discrimination, their actual access to mental health care and the gaps between legal provisions and practical experiences. It is aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the complex and intertwined issues related to gender-based violence, human trafficking and access to mental health care. Moreover, this thesis tries to give some valuable policy recommendations based on the findings, aimed at bridging the gaps that could be identified.
Second semester University: Université de Montpellier
violence against women, mental health, human trafficking, medical care, right to health