Inclusive education of children with disabilities and minority children in Kosovo within a human rights framework

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Kuhn, Paulina
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This thesis examines the philosophy and practice of inclusive education with regards to minority children and children with disabilities in Kosovo. It analyses to what extent inclusion of these marginalised groups has been achieved in a country, which time and again in history fell into conflict due to ethnic animosity and exclusion. It also studies methods and approaches to inclusion of the two groups within the Kosovar context, i.e. the Kosovo-specific inclusion. Essentially, it also compares the two infrastructures required for inclusion of disabled children and minority children. The thesis, while academically drawing on the areas of political science, law and education, also attempts to bring the account closer to reality on the ground through numerous interviews with key actors dealing with inclusive education, children’s rights, disability, minorities and human rights in Kosovo. Moreover, an effort was made to firmly place the thesis within the right to education and, what has emerged in the inclusion discourse, the ‘right to inclusive education’
Second semester University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
children, Kosovo, children with disabilities, education, minority groups