The necessity of a holistic peace building approach for effective conflict transformation : a case study of the Republic of Colombia: an opportunity to break the conflict cycle

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Casasbuenas, Laura
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The myriad of obstacles surrounding the post-conflict scenario poses a risk of potentially of entering a conflict trap. Engaging in a multidimensional conflict transformation process seeks to address the underlying sources of incompatibility between actors in a non-violent way through the incorporation of constructive dialogue that promotes security, political cooperation, state capacity, and implementation of the peace agreement. Too often, only some of these components are applied, yet research falls short in explaining how these gaps can be utilized in a beneficial way. By applying this framework to the case-study of the Republic of Colombia, this research will evaluate the impact of holistic peace building in negating the relapse of violence. Expanding on this comprehensive understanding, the author argues that by identifying the weak links in the implementation efforts, Colombia is in a position to break the conflict cycle and allow for a peaceful future to become a reality.
Second semester University: University of Ljubljana
peace processes, conflict prevention, Colombia