Hate crimes. Gender. Minorities : a critical approach to human rights education in Italy and Sweden

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Dimonte, Cinzia
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Hate crimes targeting gender and sexual minorities are the subject of ongoing debates. Through a comparative analysis, this thesis explores the intersection of hate crimes against gender and sexual minorities, gender mainstreaming, and human rights education in Sweden and Italy. It examines the legal and policy frameworks, challenges, and best practices in addressing hate crimes and promoting gender equality. The research reveals the prevalence of hate crimes targeting these communities and emphasizes the need for comprehensive responses and institutional support. It highlights the differences between Sweden and Italy in their approaches to hate crime legislation and the integration of gender mainstreaming. The study emphasizes the importance of human rights education in preventing violations and promoting inclusivity. After a theoretical conceptualization of human rights education, the research critically analyses the dichotomy between universalism and cultural relativism, the cosmopolitan perspective, and the capabilities approach, showing how these philosophical backgrounds can contribute in different ways to implement gender mainstreaming in human rights education which can help preventing hate crimes towards LGBTIQ+ individuals. Ultimately, the study highlights the importance of an intersectional perspective in human rights education and gender mainstreaming policies. Overall, the thesis provides insights and recommendations for policy and practice in combating hate crimes and advancing gender equality and demonstrates a circular connection among hate crimes against sexual and gender minorities, gender mainstreaming and human rights education.
Second semester University: New University of Lisbon
hate crimes, gender discrimination, human rights education, Italy, Sweden