Restorative justice as an alternative solution in domestic violence cases in Serbia

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Ajdukovic, Ana
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This thesis deals with one of the most controversial topics in restorative justice: its potential for dealing with conflicts within families, furthermore for specific country of Serbia. Although the last few years have seen considerable advances in the addressing domestic violence, it has been proven that current institutions are far from effective. Criminal justice interventions and many of the civil legal remedies, however, do not address many of the needs of battered women. The benefits of restorative justice principles for domestic violence cases focus on change in offender attitudes and behaviours which may result from an extensive strategy involving support and monitoring. The most effective strategy would involve bound, knowledgeable, and sensitive stakeholders, working in order to help victims achieve a safe and fulfilling life free of violence and abuse. This thesis examines the domestic violence underpinnings, the restorative justice movement, and the Serbian criminal justice system; proposing an interpretation of what is effective, redemptive, and liberating about the practices of restorative justice to the plight of battered women.
Second semester University: University of Graz.
domestic violence, Serbia, restorative justice