Implementation of the European Court of Human Rights judgments in the Armenian legal system

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Safaryan, Tigran
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The Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms can be implemented in national legal systems only by prompt and effective implementation of the European Court of Human Right’s judgments. The need for effective implementation of the European Court’s judgments is one of actively discussed topics within the Council of Europe. It is extensively linked with the need to increase the efficiency of the European Court and the principal of subsidiarity. In this thesis the effectiveness of measures taken by Armenian authorities is examined. This research approaches the issue of effective implementation as a vital for Convention system. Indeed, if the judgments are not implemented in national legal systems, the authority and efficiency of the whole Convention system is at stake. It is argued that Armenia being relatively “new” member to the Council of Europe, experienced some gap with the European standards. Nonetheless, in last decade Armenia took some measures in order to create an effective system of implementation of the Court’s judgments and in some cases applied proactive approach by making conclusions from judgments against other member states. Nevertheless, it is concluded that there is a room for improvements and Armenian authorities should activate their efforts.
Second semester University: Université de Strasbourg
administration of justice, Armenia, European Court of Human Rights