Human rights education : a study of the participant's exposure to visual arts as a method

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Silva, Maria Rufino : Carvalho da
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Over the last few decades, human rights education (HRE) has been increasingly deemed as a necessary condition for ensuring the enforceability of human rights. This work seeks to understand whether the absence of a particular teaching/learning method should be maintained in the specialized HRE materials, or if this method should be there included. The method in question is the participant's exposure to visual arts. The hypothesis adopted by this thesis is that the specialized HRE materials, given the lack of formal or material restrictions, should consider such method in its contents. Based on bibliographic, documentary and empirical research, the initial hypothesis was confirmed. It was also noticed that the application of this method would activate the recognized dimensions of human rights education. This last conclusion could be reached through the analysis of several artistic works elaborated by visual artists, from different regions of the globe, that are still alive and in activity. Considering this entire panorama, new reflections and questions emerge. Key Words Human Rights. Human Rights Education. HRE. Human rights education methods. Visual Arts.
Second semester University: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
human rights education, art