The right to education of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon : how the Lebanese government is managing to ensure the right to education of the refugees

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Anzolini, Fabrizio
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The thesis “The right to education of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon - How the Lebanese Government is managing to ensure the right to education to the refugees” is a research on how the Lebanese government is working to ensure, defend and improve the right to education of the Syrian school aged refugees. Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, many refugees started to leave and flee the Country, seeking refuge in neighboring countries, which are States that can provide a safer harbor and that are easier to reach because of geographical proximity. In December 2015, Lebanon, a Country with around 4.5 million citizens, was hosting more than 1.5 million refugees from Syria. The UN Refugee Agency stated that, at the end of January 2016, over 472,000 Syrian refugee children between the ages of 3 and 17 were registered with the UNHCR in Lebanon. According to the Inter-Agency Coordination of the United Nations and the Lebanese Government, approximately 336,500 of them were out-of school. The main goal of this research is to analyze what the Government of Lebanon is doing to ensure the rights to education of these children, in which way it is working, with which instruments and with which institutional partners, international organizations and NGOs. After an analysis of the Reaching All Children with Education, the official program of the Lebanese Government to help the Syrian Refugees school-aged children and the vulnerable Lebanese children, the research will compare the institutional activities with what is actually happening, on the ground. To do this, it will need data, reports and papers coming from international organizations, studies centers and NGOs working on the field. Some interviews of experts, representatives of the Ministry of Education and teachers will be of an important help to go deep into the topic.
Second semester University: Saint Joseph University, Beirut.
right to education, Lebanon, Syria, refugees, children rights