Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Morocco : access to refugee status; access to social and civil rights

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al-Twain, Ali
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Morocco has long been considered a country of immigration and transit, the country has gradually become a final destination for migrants and now counts among the countries of immigration.. Currently the government is developing a new legal framework in three different areas: the entry and stay of foreigners, asylum and trafficking in human beings. With regard to future changes in migration policy in Morocco, clinic Hijra, provides lawyers (and law students and students in general) yearly trainings on asylum and the rights of foreigners to be able to face new challenges that the new laws will bring. Legal Clinic Hijra (hijraclinique.ma) is an active association in the area of migration which took office in September 2015 with a group of students and research experts. The Clinic offers students a unique opportunity to benefit from experience in the field of migration. It also gives a chance for students to provide legal and social assistance to migrants by phone or by receiving beneficiaries to answer their questions, and make up their records. Clinic Hijra as mentioned before was established on September 2015 by a group of students and research experts and started by the funds of the International Organization of Migration and now its self-funded. Mr. Younous Arbaoui, the director and president of Clinic Hijra. introduced me to the work of the Clinic and took me for a tour to the offices where Clinic Hijra operates. The offices hours of the clinic usually take place in the building of Tabdoul, which is one of the clinic partners. Tabadoul is an association aiming at promoting contemporary artists and cultural exchange between Tangier, Morocco, Europe and the rest of the world. It means “exchange” in Arabic. Tabadoul is located in a former Spanish dressing factory from early 20thcentury, and was renovated in 2013 to become what it is now: It is a structure serving the arts, notably contemporary creation. It is an “in-finite” space that can be made available for conferences, lectures, debates, themed evenings, concerts, exhibitions and other events. Tabadoul also organises diverse training workshops for all ages: circus, plastic arts, music, cinema, singing, theatre, dance, martial arts, recycling and even “art of living” workshop Tabadoul also organises, in collaboration with Wiggle Service, collects for recyclable materials, in order to educate to ecological, sustainable practices. The goal is to be a place where artists, public and partners can exchange their knowledge and share their aesthetic experiences, a place to play, learn and meet.
Second semester University: International University of Rabat.
Internship report: Clinic Hijra, Morocco.
Morocco, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants