Universal right to education in Europe? With focus on the Roma in Croatia

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Eder, Agnes
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The present thesis explores the situation of the Roma minority and their right to education in Croatia. Since education provides the opportunity to empower oneself and to fully participate in society. it constitutes one of the most fundamental human rights and is of particular importance for the marginalised Roma. International human rights instruments, such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Convention of the Rights of the Child as well as the European Convention on Human Rights are analysed in order to identify the holistic scope of the right to education. In addition, a detailed consideration is given to the principles of non-discrimination and equal access regarding education, given that the already underprivileged Roma also experience disadvantages especially in the area of education. Croatia, being on the one hand a state in transition and on the other hand about to join the European Union soon, committed itself to the above mentioned human rights treaties and yet failed to fully compl. The analysis of the national legal framework and the actual situation of Roma children in Croatia shows poor school attendance, high drop-out rates and segregated classes with inferior curricula. This alarming situation demands from the state to finally undertake responsibility and take action. Consequently, recommendations are presented in order to address the problem. Positive measures, non-discriminatory strategies and equality policies are needed to ultimately give Roma children the chance to lift themselves out of exclusion.
Second semester University: Uppsala University.
right to education, Europe, Croatia, Romanies