The consequences of the protection of indigenous peoples’ : rights on environmental preservation in the Amazon

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Regedor, Ana Miguel, Gomes
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The subject of this research is the likely consequences of the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples on environmental preservation in the Amazon rainforest, within the Peruvian territory. Departing from an understanding of Amazonian indigenous cultural identity – framework for the protection of traditional lifestyles, spiritual values and cosmovision – this investigation will examine the internal dimension of the human right to selfdetermination, the right of indigenous peoples to choose their priorities and means for development, and the human right to a healthy environment as recognized in the inter- American system for the protection of human rights. The analyses of both rights will be conducted in order to approach the linkages between the protection of human rights and the preservation of the environment. Therefore, we will approach social and environmental conflicts concerning industrial concessions, the construction of infrastructures and development policies in the Amazon from the lens of indigenous peoples’ rights . Moreover, this study aims to place claims for environmental justice in the context of a multicultural state, compromised towards a progressive realisation of democracy while addressing the challenges for sustainability within an intercultural, albeit globalised society. This work points to the potentialities of local empowerment, through culturally adapted structures for education and political participation of indigenous communities, in combating cultural defragmentation and preserving traditional livelihoods. Underlying that the preservation of cultural identity is a counter-hegemonic means for balancing social, environmental and economic interests so as to include sustainability.
Second semester University: Åbo Akademi University.
environment, Amazonas, indigenous peoples, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, peoples rights, sustainable development