Searching for the right to education in the United States: the equality of quality educational opportunity

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Albin IV, Berthold Richard
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The United States Congress‘ failure to legislate a fundamental right to education, the Supreme Court‘s refusal to acknowledge such a right, and the country‘s unwillingness to commit itself to the education and future of its children are scandalous. There is no quick fix but there is a quick start and a clear path to follow afterward. First the United States should embrace the right to education, legislate and acknowledge a right to equality of quality educational opportunity.‘ The United States should ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Economic Social, and Cultural Rights, implement them fully, and honor previous commitments to education. Next, the United States should cooperate internationally, accept a renewed role as leader in human rights and education rights, and set an example worthy of emulating. In the meantime, plaintiffs, lawyers, civil society, and people across the nation should help make the right to education a reality. The international community should exert peer pressure to help make education in the United States the best that it can be. The United States should work its way to the vanguard of the right to education. The nation should guarantee the right to equality of quality educational opportunity and should help other countries to guarantee the same level of right to education.
Second semester University: University of Seville
discrimination in education, United States of America, right to education