The burden of infertility : infertility care and the scope of the human right to health

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Campo, Charlotte
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The objective of this thesis is to discuss whether infertility can be considered as a serious health need and what the subsequent implications might be on the protection one’s human right to health. Through an in-depth examination on what entails infertility and on the exact position of infertility care within the framework of the human right to health, an answer will be formulated on the question to what extent national health care policies should endeavour to provide infertility care under the scope of the human right to health. After a theoretic investigation on the link between infertility and the right to health in the international and European human rights discourse, the generated outcome will be tested against the practical cases of Belgium and Portugal. This research advocates for a broad understanding of the human right to health, encompassing a revitalised right to reproductive health that includes a certain right to infertility care. Suggestions are made on the desired regulation of infertility care.
Second semester University: New University of Lisbon
infertility, right to health