Human rights as a foundation for social inclusion: influence of the change in equality policies legislation on development of positive identity and social perception of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in Ireland

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Trpin, Mateja
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Through historical, psychological and legal approach the thesis provides an overview of development of social attitudes towards homosexuality. The core research is concerned with formation of discrimination and its application within the society. By application of legislative overview the thesis then asserts the influence of legal norms on changes of attitudes within social norms. The main aim of research is to show the legal and social developments in the fight for recognition and social inclusion of LGB community. This setting serves to assert whether actual social discrimination is being combated through these developments or it has only assumed a new form. To outline the progress made with regard to changes of attitudes the research provides a case study of LGB movements in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The impact the equality legislation on actual process of social inclusion of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in both societies is observed through discussions with LGB community in both countries.
Second semester University: Queen's University Belfast.
equality before the law, Ireland, gender discrimination, homosexuality, sex discrimination