The EU and its policy of external promotion of human rights: the search for consistency : conceptual addition to the current debates for EEAS evaluation of the Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy

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Taufar, Patrik
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The following paper introduces the EU as external human rights promoter in presenting the basic policy documents and most important instruments allocated to this purpose. During the paper is shown, that the EU operates with some basic selfreflection, elaborating on the challenges that faces in its efforts. Thesis is mainly focused on challenges of incoherence and inconsistency. These are in nowadays discourse mixed, so I am pleading for conceptual distinguishing between them in order to have a chance to find appropriate solutions. Further on, based on the interview conducted with the EEAS officials, I am able to identify contemporary limit of EU´s selfreflexive efforts in hesitation to review the provisions of the Strategic framework on Human rights and Democracy. Last parts of this paper contains an attempt to overcome this hesitation and pursuing the incoherency up to the single concrete formulation in the Strategic framework.
Second semester University: National University of Ireland, University College Dublin.
development aid policy, European Union, foreign policy, human rights, European External Action Service