“Sorry for the inconvenience, we are being killed” : the complicity of the Mexican State on the face of feminicide

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Ochoa Esquivel, Monica
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Everyday 6 women are killed in Mexico. Feminicide is a term made popular by the women killed in Ciudad Juarez, however it is now a global phenomena. Nevertheless Mexico, was the first country to receive an international court sentence on this subject, and will remain this thesis subject of study. The Mexican has signed and ratified all of the international and regional instruments on women’s rights, it has received the biggest number of recommendations on this subject matter and has reformed its legislation and criminal code to typify this form of violence. Why is it then that the number of feminicides continue to increase? Why has the Mexican State failed in protecting women against this form of violence? This is the question developed on this research. The thesis starts with the importance of defining concepts, it mentions the various international instruments and mechanisms for women’s rights that acknowledge this form of violence, and finishing with an analysis of the Mexican framework, concluding that it is not that Mexico is incapable of protect women against feminicide, but by perpetuating gender violence, corruption, impunity, and continuously dismissing the victims the State is complicit to the crimes.
Second semester University: Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
Mexico, women, homicide, crimes against women, state responsibility, violence against women