Reconsidering cultural diversity: the development of a local cross-cultural dialogue in Kosova and beyond

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Daag, Susanna
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Taking its’ starting point in the case study of Kosova the thesis highlights the tensions within the mainstream discourse of cultural diversity, underlining the importance of contextualising the theoretical. Through an analysis of the practical, theoretical and legal framework of cultural diversity, this thesis argues that cultural boundaries are increasingly enforced rather than blurred, thus endangering the development of peaceful inter-communal relations. Stressing the importance of de-ontologising the concept and placing it in a historical socioeconomic context, the concept, as used today, is seen as inappropriate and should instead be replaced or complemented by that of a local cross-cultural dialogue. This dialogue could form the missing link between the two essentialisation of relativity and universality, settling this debate once and for all. Its’ aim is above all to provide for a space for interaction and ‘profiting of difference’, highlighting the importance of both vertical and horizontal relation-building, illustrating how the schools of human rights (vertical relations) and conflict management (horizontal relations) can be reconciled. Ending with a number of both normative and practical recommendations the fundamental relevance for academics to apply both theoretical and field studies is emphasised.
Second semester University: University of Copenhagen.
cultural relativism, education, Kosovo, ethnic identity, human rights, intercultural relations