Human rights and poverty

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Moller, Adam Jacobi
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The thesis is and attempt to analyse and evaluate the potential benefit of the human rights based approach to poverty reduction. The focal point is the theoretical basis and the normative framework of the HRBA. Human rights are linked to poverty by the capability approach. It is an integrated part of the HRBA. It is suggested that the HRBA function as ends and means to make the capability approach functional. Capabilities and freedoms play a central role in the capability approach. The overall freedom is; the freedom for people to choose the life they like. Capabilities and freedoms function as ands and means to achieve the overall freedom. Rights can be understood as capabilities and freedoms, and are ends and means in themselves. Poverty is a multidimensional concept. Existing poverty definitions are not sufficient to identify the poor. The misconception of poverty has an influence on development agencies. This can be deadly to the poor who are not included in the poverty definition of development agencies. The HRBA poverty definition is relatively sufficient as a starting point in identifying the poor, but the approach does not offer a comprehensive identification of who the poor are, how many they are and where they are. A more complete data collection of the poor is suggested. The HRBA can be the beginning to a better understanding of poverty and vital to the poor.
Second semester University: University of Vienna.
human rights, poverty, United Nations Development Programme