Key challenges and undermining factors of the EUs promotion of democracy and human rights in Central Asia

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Derdelinck, Sarah
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In this work the following research question will be addressed: What are the undermining factors, both internally (within the EU) and locally (within the Central Asian region) of effective promotion of democracy and human rights in Central Asia by the EU? Moreover what has to be done in order to be more successful in this process of democracy and human rights building in the region? First a theoretical framework on human rights and democracy socialization and promotion is presented. After analysis both domestic factors at Central Asian level and obstacles at EU level are identified as hindering effective implementation of the EU’s human rights and democracy promotion in the region. The Central Asian countries have particular characteristics which should be taken into account by the promoter. Secondly the EU has great instruments available for human rights and democracy promotion, however serious problems exists regarding effective implementation in Central Asia. This is mostly related to energy and security interest which triumph human rights and democracy in practice in the EU’s policy towards Central Asia. I argue for a paradigm change towards reconciling interest and normative goals of the EU in Central Asia. Lastly concrete recommendations for improvement are presented.
Second semester University: University of Graz.
democratisation, Central Asia, foreign relations, European Union, human rights